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January 21, 2003  Subject: Viva Mexico!


I am sending out our first update from Mexico. We have now been in the country for almost a week. It has been a lot of fun and are enjoying our time here. Our house is very beautiful and the dogs are starting to realize that it is their new home. Once Andy gets the fountain working, I think that they will never want to leave. We will send pictures soon.

We have already learned a lot about our new culture. The driving is not as scary as we remembered and it is starting to take more to surprise us, although yesterday when I saw a family sitting on plastic lawn chairs in the back of a small pick-up going about 100kpm down the Periferico, I have to admit that I was still shocked. It is amazing how many people they will cram into the back of a small pick-up.

The weather is beautiful. It is temperate enough that there are virtually no heaters and air conditioners. The people are very nice and helpful. There is someone at every stop light trying to wash your window or sell on anything from a Day timer to cotton candy.

We have been able to go on a couple of runs and hope to get one final long run in this weekend before the Guadalajara Maratón on February 16.

The HP-Guadalajara site is very nice, but small. It has the BEST coffee machine! You press what type of drink you want (mocha, espresso, americano) and it makes it for you.

Pretty much everything we do is a new adventure. Going to the grocery store is no longer monotonous. Everything goes okay until the check out girl asks you something that was not in the Spanish Phrase book, then you just freeze and say “Sí” and hope that you didn’t just agree to do anything too crazy.

I really could go on and on about this place. It is really great and we are having a lot of fun! And the Spanish is coming along slowly….

I hope that all is well with you all!

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