Will Streak for Clean Windows

From the deck of a Huang Pu River Cruise

From the deck of a Huang Pu River Cruise

Wednesday morning we received our air shipment.  The moving company delivered all of the boxes and even offered to unpack them for us.  Our apartment feels more like a home rather than a hotel, with all of our stuff in it and some pictures on the wall.  It is nice.  We REALLY like living here and smile every time we walk through the front door.

Without meaning to, I flashed the window washer Thursday morning.  Living on the 35th floor with no other tall building around, it is not a pre-requisite to close your curtains as much as you would in a “normal” house in the U.S.  So, I was on my way to the shower and stopped to fix the rug by the front door that was bunched up from moving the previous day.  The next thing I knew, a window washer very quickly had repelled down and stopped exactly in front of our window.  I stood there buck naked in shock as he stared at me, and then I quickly scurried into the bathroom laughing hysterically.  It was one of those moments where time freezes for a brief instant before your mind processes what just happened.  My goodness it was funny.

The next day, the phone that you answer to let someone into the apartment building rang and one of the ladies from the apartment building management begin telling me something about the window washer.  I said, “oh, is he coming today?”  and she replied, “no, he is not.”  That strange conversation led me to believe that the window washer must have reported his surprising appearance outside of my window to the management.  Hmmm.

Friday night, we went with Roman, Angie, their two kids and Akash, an HP person in town for business, to dinner, followed by a ride under the river on the crazy Shanghai people mover, then we walked on the Bund and caught a night-time river cruise.  It was pretty neat to see both Pudong an Puxi (the city on both sides of the river) at night.  The people mover is really bizarre and has this random light show with lasers while saying strange things like “hell and paradise” and “starry swirl” with robot sounding beeping.  I think I mentioned this before.

A friend from Boise, Paul Schiess is here doing some work for HP IT.  This afternoon, we went to the Yuyuan Gardens (shown in the picture below), the Paulaner Brauhaus and the underground “knock off” market.  One of our purchases was a picture of a Chinese girl during the Communist revolution.  I brought my “Rosie the Riveter” picture with us from the U.S. and thought it would be an interesting juxtaposition on our bedroom wall.  Andy was thrilled to know that we can get real German beer and food at Paulaner Brauhaus, which also offers amazing views of the river.  The knock off market was entertaining as ever with everyone yelling out one and two line phrases, “Purse, lady?”, “Rolex lady?”, “Jewelry?”, “Jackets?”, “Shoes?”, “Clothes?”, “Scarves?”, “DVDs?” and pretty much anything you can think of.  The shopping is great here.  As I type this Andy is watching one of the disks from the 42-disk set of the Complete Collection of Seinfeld, which I bought along with the first and second seasons of “Desperate Housewives” for 500 yuan, approximately $60 (and I probably still got ripped off, but heh, it was still a good deal to me!)  I am getting better at the negotiating, but I still have a ways to go.

Paul and Alecia in Yu Yuan Gardens

Paul and Alecia in Yu Yuan Gardens

Tomorrow we start sailing lessons.  Andy is like a little kid on Christmas Eve, he is so excited.  Prost!

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