Le Sigh

I have to say it was kind of a “meh” weekend after a “meh” week with the one exception of finally being able to meet my friend Sage’s new son (pictures soon) and of course spending at least some time with Belén and Andy.  Shouldn’t a beautiful week in July be much better than “meh”?

There has  been a lot going on for me personally this week.  Work is very high pressure and demanding a lot of extra time and emotional energy at the moment.  This is with my “old” job which I will soon be transitioning out of but first need to get my team through some very important deliverables.

Outside of work I had a lot going on too.  They were all fun things but even too many fun things piled on gets to be too much, especially when you are already exhausted.  I can no longer keep the “rock star schedule” I used to juggle with ease.

In addition, it was one of the greatest weeks ever in the Tour de France so that consumed time every day.  I felt like I was fast forwarding to the highlight reels or only catching the outcome on Twitter since I didn’t really have time to watch it which bums me out because usually my favorite parts of the race is watching the cyclists ride through all of the beautiful French countryside.

Rather than drag on this explanation I will sum it up as a busy week also spent PMSing and tired where I am leaving the week more behind than caught up.  There are three bins of laundry full of clothes.  Gmail has 123 emails and work mail 180.  I haven’t logged into Google Reader all week.  Sigh…

So yes this is a post where all I do is complain.  This week has reminded me that I cannot take on too much outside of just work, family time and life during the week, otherwise life quickly becomes overwhelming.

It was a tough week for Little B as well as Operation Upper Right Molar reaches it’s final phase.  She was a lot more sensitive and whiny than normal and I finally figured out why when I saw blood on her toothbrush this evening.

Andy has been pretty quiet this weekend (the little I have seen of him) which is usually an indication I need to chill out and reengage in my “normal” self and lose the high strung attitude and rock star schedule.  One more “le sigh.”

Here’s to a conscious effort for a good week for everyone and that things can get back on track around here.

Happy Monday!


Jen July 26, 2010 at 8:24 am

What’s your new job?

alecia July 26, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Software Planning Program Manager

jenny July 27, 2010 at 12:24 am

wishing you moments of unexpected peace.

alecia July 27, 2010 at 8:03 am

Thanks Jenny.

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