Pregnancy 34 Weeks: Finish Line in Sight

Weight Gain: 34 lbs

Feeling: Good and big and starting to become uncomfortable

Baby: Approximately 4 3/4 lbs, 18 inches long

And all of a sudden, the end is in view!  For some reason, 34 weeks seems to me like I am quite suddenly almost done with this pregnancy thing.  Not that this could have possibly happened suddenly…this incredibly gradual, LONG process of baby cooking.  But for SO long it felt like I had SO long to go and then now, I am looking at less than six weeks.  Since my 34thweek started Saturday, I am technically only 34.5 weeks which makes it even sooner.

Five and a half weeks to mentally prepare myself for child birth.

Five and a half weeks to wrap up everything at work.

Five and a half weeks to make sure every last thing Miss Eloise is going to need has been purchased.

Five and a half weeks to dust off and re-sterilize the bottles and breast pump shields.

Five and a half weeks to finish my nesting rampage.

Five and a half weeks to buy and populate a baby book.

Five and a half weeks to make a birthing playlist.

Five and a half weeks to do everything else I wanted to do before we have the baby (plant a garden, clean the fireplace, straighten the cupboards in the kitchen.)

Five and a half weeks to mentally prepare for having TWO kids one of which will be sucking and crying and sleeping constantly for awhile.

Five and a half weeks to get as caught up on sleep as we are going to be for a LONG damn time.

Five and a half weeks of water, milk or non-alcoholic beer as beverage choices.

Five and a half weeks to learn how to relax enough to give birth naturally, without drugs.

Five and a half weeks of pregnancy.



I can’t believe it.

And that is just until my due date.  Many websites say you are full term at 37 weeks.  Rewrite the list above with two and half weeks and then listen to me hyperventilate.

Yes our child is as wild and mismatched as she looks.  Yesterday she insisted on wearing her summer night shirt over her clothes to school.  We have learned to choose our battles…

Things are going well.  I have a decent amount of energy and I am going with it.  I know I am supposed to be sleeping extra and all, but sleep does not come easily because I am usually not that extra tired.  When I am not pregnant, I address any sleep issues by working out harder but that is not an option right now.  My 45 minutes on the elliptical yesterday totally worked me and it was at an easy peasy pace.  By totally working me though, it’s like I get out of breath and get a belly cramp so I have to slow down to make it go away, but it’s not such that I work my body so hard that it is going to make me sleep well.

While I am on the topic of sleep, I am to that phase of the pregnancy where the belly truly has a life of it’s own especially when I am sleeping.  Oftentimes when I lay down to go to sleep at night, Eloise takes it as her cue to PAR-TAY and I have to give her the 30 minutes of action she apparently requires before I am allowed to go to sleep peacefully.  Then there is the constant peeing at night and I cannot just jump up, pee and go back to sleep.  The best word to describe the action is more of a heaving of myself to the sitting up position where I sit for a good minute letting all of the blood redistribute itself throughout my body and give Eloise some time to get her dancing shoes on before heading to the toilet.  Then we lay back down, Eloise does more of a pre-funk version of a party and then finally back to sleep.  It’s quite the process.

I realized today I have gained a pound for each week I have been pregnant, even though it didn’t happen quite so sequentially.  If this trend continues I will gain a total of 40 pounds which is the upper end of where I am content with.  By this point, my stomach has so little space I honestly don’t know how I personally can pack on a lot of weight even if I ate horribly, although Miss Eloise supposedly can put on a good 3-4 pounds in the remaining weeks.

Last week my heartburn became terrible to the point where I was popping TUMS as candy and actually started choosing my food based on what was going to give me the least amount of and best tasting heartburn.  This week for some unknown reason, it has subsided considerably.  I even enjoyed a La Crotch (La Croix sparkling water) for lunch yesterday which is a rare treat my body hasn’t recently been able to tolerate.

If I sit in a normal sitting position for a long time at work or during a meal, my legs start to become swollen.  To prevent this, I often attempt to put my feet up on a chair and hope people don’t think I am being too disrespectful.  Good thing I don’t live in a Muslim country where it is extremely rude to show the soles of your shoes.

Socks are completely out.  I can only wear them to work out and not a second longer.  They make me feel claustrophobic and I would actually prefer high heels over shoes that require socks any day of the week.

One thing I have really noticed lately is that when I move myself into a given position, my body kind of gets fixed into that position and doesn’t want to easily bounce back to another position.  For example when I sit in a twisted position, I feel like I literally need to unwind myself manually and then even once back to a home position, my muscles still feel as if they are in the pretzel position for a good 10 minutes.

My boobs are totally ready for this baby to come.  The colostrum has been waiting at attention for many many weeks but now ever once in awhile in the mornings a little will leak out and leave a little damp spot on my t-shirt.  I notice it especially during the weekends before I have put a bra on.  Sorry, I should have warned you first, TMI.  Didn’t I say awhile back that all of the pregnancy update posts were fair game for TMI?

The doctor’s appointment last week was entirely disappointing and uneventful. We waited 50! Minutes and then only saw the nurse who could give us no information about if the baby was still breech or not.  On top of that, my doctor will be gone for the next TWO appointments on a Spring Break trip which means, I won’t know until 37 weeks whether I am likely to have this baby c-section or vaginally.  I guess it’s kind of good because she can still turn and I might be banking on something that could still change.  I can convince myself both that she is head down and head up depending on a number of factors.  I consistently feel either a hand or a foot in my right rib cage (could point to either) and yesterday I felt really strong hiccups down in my left hip bone.  Would that mean her shoulders are down there?  I don’t know.  Tonight I am getting kicked in my right hip bone pretty consistently.  Being that I can still bend down (although it is getting difficult, just in a different way than before), she is probably still breech.  Mentally though I have to prepare as if she is not breech and I will do natural birth.

Five and a half weeks of pregnancy left!  Any sage advice or suggestions for things I should do in these remaining weeks?


Erica@PLRH March 23, 2011 at 7:43 am

Relax! No one will judge you if you don’t have tidy cupboards when the baby arrives.
Erica@PLRH´s last blog post ..Art with a Disclaimer

alecia March 24, 2011 at 12:24 pm

You are right!

Laura L. March 23, 2011 at 9:06 am

Don’t know if it’s still an issue for you, but when I asked my OB if I should just keep popping the Tums for heartburn, she responded, “Oh, HEAVENS no!” She said that Tums is meant for every-once-in-a-while heartburn and that I should head straight for the Zantac. (The act of asking her apparently took care of the problem, so I never took Zantac and can’t report on how well it worked… but that’s what she said!)

alecia March 24, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Hmmmm, that is very good to know, thanks!

Amy Evey March 25, 2011 at 8:38 am

@alecia, Hey Alecia! I know you only have 5 weeks to go, but if that heartburn gets too bad ask your doctor about Prilosec. I had to get a prescription for it (cheaper than buying it over the counter) at around 4 months because the heartburn was so unbearable. It was amazing and completely safe. Good luck!

sara March 23, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I have zero pregnancy advice (obvs), but you are ridiculously CA-YUTE! Seriously. I love that outfit, and I’d mug you just for the shoes alone.
sara´s last blog post ..Cooking with Sara- Irish Soda Bread

alecia March 24, 2011 at 12:24 pm

Thanks, the shoes have had a missing heel cap for like a year and I finally got them fixed so I have been wearing them a lot lately.

SuzRocks March 23, 2011 at 5:54 pm

you are one of the cutest pregnant people ever. And I love the shoes you have on in the picture.

Unfortunately, I have no good advice for you- as I have no little monsters of my own. Wow 5.5 weeks doesn’t seem like that much time when you have a list that long about stuff you want to accomplish.
SuzRocks´s last blog post ..Spooning Alligators and Other Reasons You Should Visit Fort Lauderdale

alecia March 24, 2011 at 12:24 pm

Thanks, you are too sweet! The nice thing is even if I get nothing else done between now and baby, it will be fine. I would like to be 110% prepared, but we never really are, right?

Thanks for your comment.

debbie March 24, 2011 at 7:20 pm

just spend as much one on one time with belen as you can. you look fabulous and seem sooo ready. i am always in envy of you. you will be just fine.

alecia March 24, 2011 at 10:09 pm

I actually got sad reading your comment because I am not spending as much alone time with Belén as I would like because this belly and the tiredness gets in my way… I am going to miss spending so much time exclusively with her. :(

Nana Jane March 25, 2011 at 12:02 pm

The only advice I have in addition to spending time with B’ and Andy, is to take some time for yourself. Your house always looks nice and you are doing a great job juggling all the balls you have in the air, so try to relax a bit and find some time for you to do exactly what you would like to do – even if it is only an hour or so every once in a while. You deserve it and I’m on standby to watch little B’ or help with whatever in order for you to carve out that hour now and then. I love you… Mom :-)

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