Tuesday (What Do People Do on Maternity Leave?)

I always wonder what the heck people do on maternity leave.  Even now I wonder this because I cannot seem account for my time.

Andy and Belén get home at the end of the day and after I have given and received ample hugs and kisses from my first born, asked her what she did today, to which she always replies, “Babies,” Andy inevitably asks me how my day went.  While the most accurate response to Andy’s question is the same as Belén’s response to mine, “Baby,” my response is pretty typically, “It was good.  We (insert a couple of the following activities: slept in, went for a walk, ate breakfast, ate lunch, spent time on twitter, barfed, had a blow out, took a bath [Eloise], took a shower [Mommy], took a nap, walked to the coffee shop, did tummy time, wrote a blog, watched a show on television, unsuccessfully attempted to keep myself hydrated, did dishes, did laundry, cleaned up, unloaded the dishwasher, edited some photos, read blogs, made dinner, made dessert), but honestly I cannot account for my time and I really don’t know where the day went.”

Andy usually says something like, “Oh ya. You spent a lot of time feeding her too.” and then we carry on with our evening.

Now would be an appropriate time to pause and say I am very happy to have an understanding husband who really gets the time warp that comes with having an infant.  He has done enough of the baby rearing to know the herculean effort sometimes required to even shower in an eight-hour period while caring for a newborn.  Therefore he doesn’t have unrealistic expectations of coming home to a manicured wife, spotless house with a gourmet meal on the table each night.  Unfortunately, I have a bit higher expectations for myself so I do try maintain a clean house each day and provide a meal or at least a plan for a meal especially since Andy carried this load throughout my pregnancy.  That said, there are still huge unaccounted for chunks of time each day which usually can be explained by Eloise and I sleeping in until past 10, exhausted from the night before.

Tuesday, I thought it might be fun to document my day a bit more than usual using photos.  So in case you wonder what those “lucky” women on maternity leave do all day, here might be part of the answer.

These photos cover the following activities which took place between 8am and 5pm:

Scour internet looking for recipes for dinner, settled on these two: Chicken Salsa Ranch Wraps and Nutella Mug Cake both found through an awesome recipe website my friend Lindsay sent me called Food Gawker

Take pictures of baby


Twitter/blog reading/photo editing

Straighten house

Walk to the grocery store taking pictures of neighbors flowers and sidewalk chalk drawings along the way

Make dinner

I am sure there were a bunch of other things I cannot recall including multiple feedings of the baby, mommy, etc.

Which brings us to the part of the day when Andy and Belén come home to a clean house with dinner *almost* ready…just needed to chop the lettuce for the chicken salsa ranch wraps and prepare the ingredients for the nutella mug cakes.

We ate dinner as a family as we do every night.

Then, as I was finishing up with dessert, Belén decided she wanted to listen to music.

And dance.

And put on some dancing shoes.

And take off her pants so she could see her dancing shoes better.

After dancing, she was very helpful eating the excess nutella off of the measuring cups.

and whipped cream beater.

Then suddenly the produce bag was begging to be used for hide-and-seek.

And then finally dessert eating.

And only after she is as dirty as possible, “Up please mommy!”

And that, my friends, was our Tuesday…a day in the life of maternity leave.


Emma May 27, 2011 at 8:16 am

I think you’re doing more than enough on your maternity leave! :-) Looks like fun!

Jen @ Mommy Tries May 27, 2011 at 1:49 pm

I love the part about “and take off her pants so she could see her dancing shoes better.” Oh, to be 2 again! :)
Jen @ Mommy Tries´s last blog post ..Worst Parenting Idea Ever

alecia May 27, 2011 at 4:55 pm

I know, right! If we could only remember when we were that age.

Justine May 27, 2011 at 1:53 pm

I. Can’t. Wait. :)

Love Belen’s yellow top! And that dessert is making ME salivate. Yum.
Justine´s last blog post ..Another day

alecia May 27, 2011 at 4:56 pm

It was good…not the best chocolate cake ever, but for 3 minutes in the microwave, it was awesome! I am just glad I didn’t know about it when I was pregnant because I might have been having chocolate cake every other night!

Alicia May 27, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Such cute little girls!!! Perfect family! :)
I have no idea what I do during the day and baby isnt even here yet. Lawd help me!

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