The Weeziest at 16 Months

The Weeziest

In the past month, it has become clear the baby phase is now in our rearview mirror.  The preying mantis arms are gone and Eloise is a toddler who now walks and even runs with ease.

She communicates very effectively and makes it very clear what she wants.  Since her vocabulary is not complete she often lets us know her preferences by, for example, crawling into the stroller (I want to go on a stroller ride,) reaching for her binkie and repeating “uh oh” (apparently unaware we are intentionally not wanting her to suck on it except at night-time), or our favorite, throwing a fit when she doesn’t appreciate how the situation has just unfolded.

Simultaneously, Eloise’s vocabulary is exploding.  Now, a dog just doesn’t say “fuff” and a cat “yiow” but a cow says “moo,” a monkey says, “ee ee,” and a bear says “rarr.”  Andy is “Da-dee,” I am “Mama” and “Nana” is perfectly articulated.  She requests “up” and “help” and even hits her sister when she is getting all of the attention.

Her book preferences are expanding and there are now a dozen or so books she gladly accepts and even brings to us at random times during the day requesting them to be read with an “uh uh, Up.”

Eloise’s latest trick is when we pick her up from daycare, she searches out and procures her lunch bag and brings it to us proudly.

It is with mixed emotions that I report she has entered her first “daddy” phase.  Up until now Mommy has been the unwavering coolest person ever, which of course I had no problem with.  In the last week she has been paying a lot of attention to what daddy is doing and if, for example, he goes outside without bringing her along, a cry-fest ensues.  Both mornings this week when I returned from my early morning run, she even ignored me and wanted nothing to do with me.  This very behavior towards my mom, sister and other relatives has given Eloise a bit of a reputation as someone who is picky about who she keeps in good company.  While others are a little offended by her behavior which might be considered rude if she was not merely 16-months-old, I appreciate the stranger danger phase.  Eloise simply takes it a step further to non-strangers and family.  We hope this continues into towards all of the rebel boys of her class when she is 16 years instead of 16 months.

The lady of the moment just woke up from her nap so I will stop for now.  In summary, Miss Weeziest of the Weezies is changing very quickly and turning into a full-blown toddler.  The only remnants of baby days are diapers and binkies.


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