DIY Ponytail Holder and Headband

Just as I was feeling incredibly guilty about not yet writing a Crazy Weezy 18-month update and that I still haven’t written a post on Belize in JUNE or camping over the summer, but remembering that nobody wants to read a post on why you are not posting, I came up with a perfect excuse for a quick post, elastic goodness!


Today I went to the holiday bazaar in the cafeteria at work.  Typically, the words “holiday bazaar” drive shivers down my spine and conjure up images of dark church basements with buzzing lights and old ladies sitting behind tables filled with holiday table runners and pale yellow knitted baby sweaters with waistline too short and arms too long.  I have to say, this bazaar had some pretty good stuff.  I purposely only took $10 with me knowing I could always go to the ATM if I found a gold mine of bazaar items.

I had less than 30 minutes to burn before my next meeting, so I cruised through the bazaar quickly doing a once over on most of the booths.  I stopped briefly to smell the Scentsy scents knowing that I need to get some Christmas smells going on in our household pretty soon.  The Cinnamon Vanilla made me want to march directly to my car, drive home, put on some sweats, build a fire and curl up next to it…pure winter delicious.

There were tons of jewelry booths which I didn’t even bother to look at being that I already have a fabulous collection of Stella & Dot jewelry (which I still happen to sell if you are in need of the perfect Christmas present for each of  the lovely ladies in your life.)  There were also a lot of knitted items like baby hats and fingerless gloves which were surprisingly difficult to resist.  I finally gave in and made my first purchase when an eight-year-old boy offered me a sample of the different flavors of syrups he helped his mom make.  They were delicious soaked into the small piece of waffle they gave me as a tasting vessel.  I settled on the caramel flavor thinking I could perhaps drizzle it over ice cream.

The next booth that lured me in was food-related as well where I purchased some port-flavored jam I can’t wait to put on the rolls at Thanksgiving.

The final booth I spent concentrated time at was the same one I spent my money at last year, a booth with hand-made items including a cute little crayon case and adorable barrettes.  I stocked up on barrettes for Eloise and then fell in love with a couple simple little elastic treasures.


They are literally a cut piece of elastic tied to be either a headband or ponytail holder/children’s bracelet.  She didn’t even sew the edges because elastic apparently doesn’t fray.


I have never been a crafty person, but this is the type of project that is right up my alley.  It is a cheap way to replenish the army of hair holders that march out of our house daily.

The only downside is I have to enter a fabric store to buy the elastic.  It doesn’t sound so bad, but I was scarred for life waiting for my mom in too many fabric stores when I was a kid and those buzzing lights and that stale smell keep me away from the establishments to this day.


Yes, I think I can make this and it is even worth a trip to the fabric store.  Considering I’ve had the pink ponytail holder since noon and it has already disappeared during Belén’s trip to the store with daddy inspires me to make a few this weekend.

And perhaps, probably likely, fabric stores and holiday bazaars have both improved since my stale mental images of them from twenty years ago.

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