The Slackers Guide to Hair Hygiene

I started something new over the Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s something I should have started years ago, but I would have never thought it was possible.  It’s nothing ambitious, actually quite the opposite, it is one of those slacker moves that is actually (in my opinion) better for you like sleeping in when you are feeling run down.  It is nothing earth shattering but it is environmentally friendly.  I share it with you today in hopes you will give it a try as well.

Are you ready for it?

I now only wash my hair every three days!

Are you like, ew?  I probably would have had the same response a couple of years ago.  I would have told you that my hair was so greasy even the day after I washed it and that there is no way I could do that.  The truth of the matter is that your hair quickly adapts to a new regime and it feels a lot healthier.  Here is a photo of me today on day three.

Day 3

This all started with a Babble article posted over the Thanksgiving break.  With four days off, I actually had time to read facebook including many of the numerous Babble articles posted each day.  The heroine in the article boldly stops washing her hair for an entire week and writes about the experience.  My initial intent was to go an entire week without washing my hair as well.  I chickened out and decided three days was good enough as I get used to not having freshly washed hair each day.

I have to tell you, I really like the results.  My hair has more body and surprisingly enough it does not look that oily.  I use less water and shampoo and have more time in the morning.  Now hopefully nobody who sees me often is reading this and thinking, “Ah, that makes sense.  This is why Alecia has looked more oily lately.”  I think you can tell a slight diference, but I just think of it as a more European approach to hygiene.

In case you are you interested in trying, let me give you a few tips:

1. Brush your hair each evening before going to bed.  This brings the oil that collects on your scalp all day down to the rest of your hair follicles.  I prefer to use a comb as it seems to do a better job of distributing the oil which will prevent your hair from becoming dry.

2. After brushing your hair, apply a bit of dry shampoo to your scalp and brush it down as well.  As recommended in the Babble article, I apply a healthy amount in the evening before bed and then add a bit more in the morning.  I personally use Aveda, but I think many different brands work, as referenced in the Babble article.

3. When I exercise, I either blow dry my sweat (I have always done this.) or if I am really sweaty, I rinse my hair and then apply a bit of conditioner to the ends to help keep them moisturized.

4.  On Day 3, change up your washing routine.  Apply a dime-sized amount of shampoo to your palm and rub it through your hair.  You will get absolutely NO lather and your hair will not feel clean, but be patient.  Rince the shampoo out.  Then apply another dime-sized amount of shampoo to your hand and massage you scalp and hair with it.  The lather this time around will BLOW your mind.  I am serious.  Afterwards, your hair will feel amazingly clean. Did you know that many shampoo bottles actually provide similar instructions:  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Now, follow up with conditioner.

5.  If you typically get really oily in airplanes or when you travel, which I do, and you are on day three, go ahead and wash your hair.  I learned this the hard way last week when I felt like a total grease monkey when I arrived in San Francisco and then had all-day meetings.  Every time I went to the restroom, I expected to see a person dripping with grease, but surprisingly I looked fine…it was more of a mental thing.

That’s it.  It is easy, the slackers guide to hair hygiene.  Wash your hair every three days, apply some dry shampoo on the in-between days and enjoy the extra five minutes in your daily routine.

You are welcome. :)



Tamara December 4, 2012 at 9:35 pm

It’s funny you posted this because I only wash my hair about every 3 days. It’s nice! The only thing that doesn’t work for me is brushing my hair before bed. It doesn’t work well for curly hair.
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Chrissy December 5, 2012 at 7:52 pm

So not ew. I’ve been doing the three day thing for years and my hair stylist says it is bad to wash your hair every day. It’s nice to be able to buy the good hair products and not feeling like I’m wasting my money since it lasts a lot longer. Another tip if your hair gets really greasy is to use baby powder on it. Just dust it on and brush it through. Works wonderfully.

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