Why Andy is Missing from Our Christmas Card

I debating calling this post, “Why I Suck” or “Reason Number 14 How I Failed as a Wife” but then I decided to give myself a break since it is Christmas Eve.

The short of it is that I did not intend to be in our Christmas card.  It was supposed to be just the girls like it typically is, since I never get around to getting a good family picture and our kids are pretty photogenic when the stars align and they both have matching clothes, groomed hair and look at the camera at the same time and smile.

I thought it would be a good year to use the photo on Santa’s lap as our Christmas card photo.  We psyched Belén up telling her if she wanted Santa to bring her what she wanted for Christmas, she had to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted.  She talked a big talk but when it was actually go time and we were driving to Edward’s Greenhouse, where Santa visits after Thanksgiving, she started backpedaling.

“Mommy, I don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.”

The entire ride to the greenhouse, we negotiated.  We went from her desire to turn the car around to go home and landed at that she would stand next to Santa if I went with her.

There goes our Christmas card photo.

Andy was our photographer, so I asked him to snap some photos of the kids in the festive area.  He captured the moment but unfortunately was not present in any of the photos.  So that night when I went to put the Christmas card together, I had no family photos or photos of Andy to use in the card and I was in a get shit done mode as I was simultaneously preparing to leave for Chicago.  I made this card and asked Andy what he thought.


He said, “It looks great.” so I pushed Order from the Picaboo website.  I immediately received an email from Picaboo that said I had 15 minutes to change my order but then it would be in production and I could not make changes.  I panicked as I suddenly realized how ridiculous it is to have a Christmas card with ONLY Andy missing from it.  Andy assured me it was fine with him but I wanted to change it.  Unfortunately I did not have a photo of Andy to add to the card.  So the 15 minutes passed and the cards arrived a few days later.

Now every time I see someone, I feel like I need to explain that why Andy is not in the card so they don’t think we are having marital problems.

December 2012

My guilt over the card continues and I now have no less than two family photos I could have used in the card.  But you see what I mean about the stars aligning.

On top of it all, as I was preparing to send out the cards, my kids confiscated 1/3 of a page of address labels and I haven’t been able to figure out everyone who I neglected to send a card to.  So, if you did not receive a card and you would like one, please send me your address on Facebook.  This goes for people who have not been on our Christmas card list in the past.

Next year, I am making it a priority to get the photo and the list of recipients right. :)

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you are with your loved ones and enjoying your day.


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