Dear Belén, @ Five-Years Old!


Dear Belén,

Today, you, my dear, sweet, oldest daughter turn five. It seems impossible that you have been a part of this world for five years already and yet, I can hardly remember life without you.

I can honestly say that even in at your young age, you have truly made a positive impact in this world by touching the souls of so many people around you. Your caring nature and generosity is constantly apparent and you’ve been called an “old soul” on a number of occasions by different people as there is just something about you that makes you seem wise and experienced beyond your years.

Today we went shopping and as we were walking out of a dressing room, for no apparent reason you said, “Mommy, I love you.” This did not surprise me because you are never shy to share these words and I want you to know that everyone you say them to appreciates them immensely. Not only do you express your love readily but you are also quick to point out a beautiful day, a cute outfit and an accomplishment of somebody else. In fact, I really don’t think you could be any sweeter. Your daddy and I both feel so fortunate to get to share our lives with you.

To celebrate your birthday this year, as per your wishes, we threw a mermaid themed party at Planet Kid and invited all of your friends from school. You all had a fun time playing in the vertical mazes before indulging in pizza, cake and presents. It was fun to see you interact with all of your friends especially as they all implored you to open their gift next. You are well liked by your friends and are able to stand your own even with those rowdy boys.


In the past year, you have excelled in school and a constant question coming from the backseat of the car is, “Mommy, what does D-O-G (or any word) spell?” or “What is one pluses three equal?” You are on the verge of reading and understanding arithmetic and it will be so exciting to see your world open up as this becomes a reality throughout the summer and into next year in kindergarten.

And kindergarten, when did this become possible? You are all registered for school at a wonderful neighborhood school filled with great kids and engaged parents. You are about to take your first steps into an era of education that will change your life more so than almost anything else and I couldn’t be more excited for you.


I can speak for your dad as well when I say that we are both looking forward to helping you on this journey in whatever way we can to enable your success. Our biggest wish for you is that you enjoy school and find something that you are passionate about to pursue.

Speaking of passion, you currently love to dance (especially to Katy Perry, Kids Bop and any song from FROZEN) and learn and I think are pretty smitten with playing with your sister. And while I know she can be challenging, you are an amazing big sister with patience to boot.

It has been really fun watching you become more coordinated and athletic and in addition to your academic endeavors, we are eager to be there for your athletic pursuits as well.

In short, you are amazing; you are loved; you are special; you are beautiful. We couldn’t be more proud of you as you turn five today. We love you SO much!



With so much love,
Mommy (and Daddy too)

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Nana Jane April 28, 2014 at 2:46 am

Happy Birthday, Sweet Belen. We are so very proud of you and love you VERY much! Love, Nana and Bapa

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