Mar 08

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Let’s go fly a kite!

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Feb 07

Why I Don’t Post Cute Pictures of the Girls Anymore

Taking photos of little girls is harder than it looks…

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Feb 04

Particular, Articulate and Self-Sufficient

Tonight I told Eloise that I was going on a short trip and she replied, “You’re going on a trip? Where to?”
Surprised by her question, I said, “Phoenix, Arizona.”

She didn’t stop there, “Oh, that sounds fun. I will miss you mommy.”
Holy cow, when did this girl learn how to have real conversations?

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Jan 26

Watch Out Lindsey Vonn

I love how she blows by the SLOW sign.

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Jan 22

She’s Competitive

I had a lot of fun as well but my favorite part was watching her get so into it. When we stood directly across the line from one another, both trying to figure out who was going to throw first, she made this little movement with her mouth that I immediately recognized as her competitive tell. It was that competitive fire, the desire to win. I am excited to see that in her and eager to see where it will propel her in life.

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Jan 16

I Want What I Want…

I had a wonderful three days in New York City for work and I have to admit it has been challenging coming back. As the kids were arguing and delaying bedtime yesterday, I went into the bedroom to change into pajamas and Andy came in and said, “Its nice to get away. And then you […]

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Dec 31

2013 Year in Review

I thought about 2013 and came to the conclusion that it was a really great year which inspired me to write this post.

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Dec 23

Why We Live in Boise!

Why we live in Boise

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Dec 21

Sun Valley Winter Wonderland Festival

Last weekend we drove to Sun Valley for the 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Festival. Touted as a winter wonderland kick-off and a classic Christmas stroll, the event did not disappoint.

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Dec 18

Transitioning from Individual Contributor to a Manager

A few years into my career, I set my sights on becoming a manager. I went back to school part-time and eventually earned my MBA from a respected online university. Throughout the course of my two-and-a-half years of study, I learned so many new aspects of business: finance, accounting, supply chain, organizational behavior, international business, marketing, public relations, customer service, support, legal, etc.

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